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Flex is a container view extends React Native's flex-box properties and comes with helpful style shorthands.

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import { Flex, Spacer } from 'react-native-flex-layout';
  • Flex: A Box with shorthands for flex properties.
  • Spacer: Creates an adjustable, empty space that can be used to tune the spacing between child elements within Flex.


Using the Flex

Here are some helpful shorthand props:

  • fill is flex (If true is passed, the flex style property will be set to 1).
  • direction is flexDirection.
  • justify is justifyContent.
  • items is alignItems.
  • self is alignSelf.
  • content is alignContent.
  • wrap is flexWrap.
  • basis is flexBasis.
  • grow is flexGrow.
  • shrink is flexShrink.

While you can pass the verbose props, using the shorthand can save you some time.

Using the Spacer

As an alternative to Stack, you can combine Flex and Spacer to create stackable and responsive layouts.


fillboolean / numberShorthand for the flex style property.
inlinebooleanShorthand for { flexDirection: "row" }.
centerbooleanShorthand for { justifyContent: "center", alignItems: "center" }.
directionrow / columnShorthand for the flexDirection style property.
justifystart / endShorthand for the justifyContent style property.
itemsstart / endShorthand for the alignItems style property.
selfauto / start / end / center / stretch / baselineShorthand for the alignSelf style property.
contentstart / endShorthand for the alignContent style property.
wrapboolean / wrap / nowrap / wrap-reverseShorthand for the flexWrap style property.
basisauto / content / numberShorthand for the flexBasis style property.
grownumberShorthand for the flexGrow style property.
shrinknumberShorthand for the flexShrink style property.